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Serpentine Maths Facts

Our school-made Ninja Maths Fact Fluency program is a practical and engaging tool designed by teachers in our school to strengthen students' skills and fluency in math operations. This program takes students through 11 levels, each offering a new challenge and a chance to enhance their math abilities.













Levels of Difficulty:
The program consists of 11 levels, each designed to progressively increase in difficulty. From basic math facts to more advanced computational skills, these timed drills build mastery and automaticity. 

Mathematical Operations:
The four fundamental mathematical operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division—are covered in the program. 

Achievement Recognition:
Students receive stickers as a reward for successfully completing individual operations within a specific level. A badge is awarded upon successfully completing the entire level, indicating a more comprehensive mastery of the mathematical skills covered.

Daily Practice:
Students practise their math facts on a daily basis, promoting consistent and regular engagement with the material.

ninja examples.PNG
ninja facts badjes.jpg

Students passed another level! Look at those badges!

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