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Specialist Learning Areas

Our commitment to excellence is also reflected in our Specialist Learning Areas:

Arts and Technologies:
At the heart of our creative endeavours is the Arts and Technologies program, led by the talented Kristie Pinto. Kristie brings a wealth of experience to the classroom. Her impressive track record includes curating outstanding Arts exhibitions and orchestrating captivating whole school productions. Every second year, our students come together to showcase their talents in an awe-inspiring whole school production, making the arts an integral part of the Serpentine experience. Students have also participated in state events, such as the One Big Voice competition at RAC arena.

The newly refurbished Science Laboratory is a hub of hands-on experiences, where students engage in explicitly designed experiments that deepen their understanding of scientific principles. Mr. Turnor ensures that every student grasps the intricacies of science, fostering a knowledge-rich foundation that extends far beyond the classroom.

Physical Education:
In our P.E. sessions, Miss Dowson isn't just a teacher—she's a sports champion herself. She brings her energy and love for competition into our Physical Education program. From perfecting basketball moves to diving into cricket fun, we're not just learning sports skills; we're also picking up teamwork, good sportsmanship, and a real love for staying active. 

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