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Module One: The Science of Learning

This relates to pages 12-17 of the Serpentine Instructional Playbook
Quizzes (reflections) will be added as they are created. 


Explicit-Direct Instruction

Read chapter 1-4 of

Explicit-Direct Instruction by Hollingsworth & Ybarra.


Explicit Instruction

Watch the LDA presentation Explicit Instruction by Doctor Lorraine Hammond


Suggested follow up tasks:

  • Observe an explicit lesson by another teacher in the school


Learning and the Forgetting Curve


Spaced, Interleaved and Retrieval Practice

Watch the LDA presentation  Spaced, Interleaved and Retrieval Practice by David Morkunas.



Suggested follow up tasks:

  • ​Observe a Maths or Literacy Daily Review 


Cognitive Load Theory


Embedding Formative Assessment

Watch the presentation Embedding Formative Assessment by Dylan William

Suggested follow up tasks:

  • ​Observe an explicit lesson, and make note of the formative assessment used throughout

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